Nixxis ContactCenter solutions

Interaction Force presents the Nixxis Contact Suite in the cloud. The solution is hosted and managed from the Amazon infrastructure (Amazon Web Services or “AWS”).

Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This module intelligently distributes calls or other media and is innovative in the world of call and contact centres.
It not only distributes calls or other media according to the “skill-based routing” principle, but also introduces the concept of “profit-based routing”.
This system makes it possible to deliver the call or other media to the cheapest competence with the same competence.
This concept allows agents to work from a variety of locations, locally, internationally and even at home.
This enables the creation of fully virtual Call Centres/Contacts and guarantees that the distribution will always take place to the right and cheapest competency.
To this end, the solution may consider elements such as labour costs, bandwidth costs and various parameters that can ensure the best cost-benefit ratio. The Nixxis interaction Engine serves as a flexible automatic interaction distributor for phone calls, e-mails, texts and faxes. Inbound calls can be routed in different ways.

Group based routing: Depending on the group to which an agent belongs, he may or may not handle certain applications.

Skill based routing: The necessary skills are determined; the routing mechanism automatically searches for the best available agent.

Language based routing: Incoming calls are distributed according to the spoken language.

Profit based routing: The possible proceeds of the incoming interaction will determine the agent who will handle the request.
Though the routing mechanisms are sophisticated and totally appropriate, they remain easily manageable.

Interactive Voice Respons (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Responds module opens an interactive “self-service” voice mode to the system.

The standard questions can be dealt with in the selection menu without the intervention of an agent. It is also possible that an interaction will be completed automatically. The data entered by the customer is linked to the agent’s skills. The analysis of the gathered information will result in prioritizing the different calls. The Nixxis Contact Suite supports an unlimited number of priority levels.

Multiple campaigns

An agent can work on multiple campaigns at the same time, while being helped by the system that offers him the different assignments. The result of each task determines which activity needs to be carried out next.

Multi wave campaigns

A campaign can be composed of several activities. There may be interaction between each activity.

Outbound Dialer

      A complete set of dialing modes is offered through the Nixxis Contact Suite:

  • Preview Dialing (the agent calls himself and gets to see the file before calling)
  • Progressive Dialing (dial the next customer as soon as the agent becomes available)
  • Power Dialing (dial on a maximum number of lines to achieve no waiting time when the agent becomes available. This option will soon face problems related to the legislation that is currently being put in place.)
  • Restricted Power Dialing (power dialing but with a quality control on the maximum abandoned rate) 
  • Predictive Dialing (advanced algorithm that predicts when an agent will become available and when the dialer needs to start dialing and on how many lines to have as less time between to calls as possible)
  • Reversed IVR (bundling an IVR with the dialer: diffuse messages without agent intervention)
  • Callbacks only (limiting the dialer to dial only callbacks that are still in the system, no other records are dialed)
  • Search mode: (allowing the user to search for the contact to be dialed. This mode is also used to update a record without actually calling the record)


    Part of the quality control is the ability to listen and watch the interactions again. The Nixxis solution contains recording functionalities that can be initiated by the agent, a supervisor, the script, at random or by default. Specific parts of the call can be recorded and then started during a script.  

    Recording can be used for:

    • Coaching of agents,
    • Checking appointments,
    • Record customer appointments (voicelog),
    • Select specific campaigns and activities,
    • Differentiate selections between inbound and outbound interactions,
    • Select by date and time,
    • Select by, both for inbound and outbound, the phone number of the customer, 
    • Select by call qualification.

      Agent interface

      Agents can interact through different channels and for different campaigns. The agent handles several voice, chat or e-mail sessions and freely switches between these sessions, on inbound as well as on outbound level.

      The user-friendly interface provides a clear overview of the current status and interaction history.

      The interface provides a set of toolbars at his disposal in order to handle his multimedia activities:

      • Initiate and transfer a call 
      • Put a call in conference
      • Hang up and put a call on hold
      • Record a conversation
      • End the wrap up mode
      • Get in pause
      • Handle an incoming mail
      • Handle an incoming chat

      The status of the current contacts is presented to the agent in an intuitive way. Moreover, the agent will dispose of both contact related information and the history of previous contacts. The agent interface gives access to the integrated scripting tool or to external software packages or bespoke applications.


      The Nixxis email option provides a structured queue of incoming emails and sends the emails to an agent who has the right skills. The agent can then answer the e-mail, forward it and/or put it back in the queue for a certain period of time. With the help of pre-defined texts, which can be adjusted by the agent, emails can be processed quickly and efficiently. It is of course also possible to add attachments.

      In addition to the email answering screen, the agent has a script. Through this script, instructions can be given and he can look up answers in a customer database. In addition, the agent can identify the customer or enter new customer data. In this simple way, a complete customer history is built up via the different communication channels. The maximum number of e-mails that can be handled simultaneously by the agent can be adjusted. 

      It is possible to process both ‘open’ emails and emails that have been filled in via a contact form or fill in screen on a website simultaneously. An email can be linked to an outbound campaign. After sending an email, it is possible to qualify a conversation using result codes (qualifications). A follow-up flow can be determined, for example by approaching the customer two days after sending the email. 


      The Nixxis Contact Suite blends all different activities. A contact center agent can blend outbound with inbound interactions and this across the different media channels. The system will manage the different interactions according to the rules defined by the contact center administrators and supervisors.


      The administration module is a cornerstone of the Nixxis Interaction Engine. The administrator builds campaigns, defines activities and assigns interactions to agents with the right skills at the right time.


      The administration module is a cornerstone of the Nixxis Interaction Engine. The administrator builds campaigns, defines activities and assigns interactions to agents with the right skills at the right time.

The following functions have been developed specifically for the administrator function

      • Creating new campaigns with associated global targets 
      • Creating and/or assigning existing activities to a campaign and defining the corresponding detailed targets and skill set needed 
      • Creating and/or assigning new/existing queues to an activity 
      • Creating and/or assigning new/existing teams of agents to a queue 
      • Creating and/or assigning new/existing agents to a team 
      • Assigning new/existing skills to an agent or team of agents

      “Topics” can be defined to structure the qualitative results. A topic is an event that occurs during a conversation and each topic is given a corresponding value. The topic definition is stored in the solution’s system database, the results per call are stored in the historical databases. These results are also used by means of supervision.


      All interactions and associated activities are recorded in the Nixxis database so that the Nixxis Reporting Tool can be used flexibly.

      Achieving objectives
      Thanks to clear reports, the mapping of objectives is made easier. At any time, adjustments can be made in order to achieve the objectives.

      Predefined and customised reporting
      Thanks to the history database which is fully accessible to agents. Agent reports provide insight into the scores, activities and times of agents.

      Service Level Agreements
      Report to make the service levels transparent and to monitor them in real time.

      Campaign reports
      Qualification reports, the number and duration of calls per campaign and activity are mapped out. Reports can easily be exported to different files and sent to different users.

      All reports can be exported to e.g. Excel or pdf format.


      A good script helps the agent to interact with the customer. During the customer interaction, the agent must enter information into the system so that appropriate responses or actions are shown. In this way, the agent can continuously provide the customer with appropriate information and answers.

      Nixxis offers several possibilities: 

      Integrated Call Scripter Module: Makes scripts fully customized. Data fields can be displayed or can be provided as entry fields. By means of selection buttons, whether or not combined with certain values of certain data fields, a flow between different pages is created. At the end of each conversation a qualification (status) is given about the outcome of the conversation.

      Integration Module: Creates scripts in various tools (such as PHP) and offers the possibility to call them up.

      Nixxis provides a complete set of APIs that enable integration with other systems. One of the possibilities is to link external data sources to the Nixxis software and to incorporate the Nixxis functionality in external applications. The agent interface can also be customised.


      A database can easily be imported into Nixxis and linked to the scripts. This means that the agent does not waste any time and that there is no need to have more than one system open. The scripts can be continuously adapted to the wishes that are relevant at that moment.

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