Software as a stable basis

A good call center can not exist without stable software. This forms the basis of a well-functioning organization. There are several solutions for deploying the software. For example, you can choose to work from the cloud or an installation can be done on site.


The different elements are installed on-site or in the datacenter of the customer. The customer works with the telecom operator of his choice. Both VoIP as traditional telephony operators can be connected to the call center


The different elements are installed in our datacenter, hosted by Amazon in Ireland. The customer can work with our standard telecom offering or can use his preferred operator.

Cloud Solution

Interaction Force proposes the Nixxis Contact Suite in the cloud. The solution is hosted and operated from the infrastructure of Amazon (Amazon Web Services or “AWS”).

Standard the voice connections to the agent stations are done using VoIP technology. Alternatively – e.g. during startup of during a test period – agent phones can be called using dial-up technology. In that case the system will dial a direct extension each time a call needs to be delivered to an agent.  For final implementation, customer can choose to work with single or double VPN connection or with an SIP ALG connection to connect to the platform.
The cloud solution can use two of the three Amazon data centers in Europe (Ireland). In this way the high availability can be used anywhere in Europe or the World. On request, it can also be set up across two or three continents. 

The Customer has the choice to work with a single instance and single connections or can optionally work with the stand-by zone and with multiple connections.
To configure the connections with Amazon the customer needs a public static IP address per site he wants to connect.

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