Consultancy services

Making sure that your customer or prospect can reach you at any time and that you have a strategy how you will reach him when you, accidentally missed him, is crucial. Also when you reached out for him without succes, you must make sure that he can contact your organisation and that your employees know what it was about.
We can help you to setup your communication in a correct way!
Interaction Force is also delivering a wide range of advanced services. Specialized & advanced services include:

Quick Scan

practical scan to analyze to which extend the company or contact centers copes with the basics of a qualitative communication: reach ability, speed and quality of answer, cost efficient handling, and customer oriented behavior of the employees.  This results in an objective report of the customer’s experience and recommendations for improvement.

Contact center surveys

We analyze and build action plans in the following areas:

  • Integration of the best fitted contact center functionalities into existing applications and CRM’s
  • Reorganization of helpdesks according to the best practices
  • Optimization of the service levels towards the expectations of the target groups
  • Design of a technological path for the implementation of contact center tools in order to continue to cope with the business objectives

Business Continuity Plans to minimize the negative impact of business interruptions

Strategic Services

We guide companies which will invest in contact center functionalities by giving an overview of the existing tools on the market, describing the needs, creating a tender, selecting the potential suppliers, organizing a proof of concept and taking care of  the project management.

Strategic Marketing Services

We determine the real value of customers and prospects. We apply a modeling method on your target groups allowing you to approach them with better results.

Operational Services

We determine the true value of customers and prospects. We apply a modeling method to your target groups so you can approach them with better results.

Strategies and Coaching to keep your employees in your company for a longer period of time

Contact centres deal with specific channels in the field of human resources. We plan to retain your staff for longer and help contact centre managers with accurate coaching methods.

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